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Welcome to E-Token Monetary

We pioneered the application of new technologies that serve the development of trends in human history

Our services

We offer great services to our clients.

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Blockchain platform

We are looking for, developing and applying the latest version of the block chain technology. Meet the need to formalize the crypto currencies for modern payments

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Digital banking

We use the latest technology with digital banking and smart electronics to make digital payments the fastest and safest. Be ready to use the latest applications. Updating alway to have good services.

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Digital Education

The development of the internet has made the education system boundless. Now you can sit at home, in the country where you live and can have any degree, school or teacher you like.

Featured portfolio project

Our most popular work

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Enrich Capital is a startup service based on the development trend of world finance, especially crypto currency

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Real Estate/ Mining

We develop real estate, mining with new technology based on the blockchain platform.

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Mobile payment

Mobile payments are a new trend in financial transactions. We pioneered the use of mobile payments and pre-encrypted transactions.

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The development of the internet makes learning much simpler. You can have a certificate anywhere while sitting at home